We upcycle old mink coats no longer used by our customers to warm modern parkas.  We do not restyle old style fur coats into modern shapes, however, we can make a modern Gemmi parka, using the customer’s own fur coat to make the fur lining. 

We have several parka, coat and vest models in our collection that can be used for upcycling pre-used fur coats. The fabrics available are water repellent and windproof.    

The long parka (98 or 108 cm) represents our take on the traditional fishtail army parka, made in light technical fabric which give the parkas an urban look. Fabric colors available are: black, navy, green, beige and off-white. 

The hood usually has mink lining, but, the customer can also choose a hood trim made from striking Finnraccoon. The shorter parka is 88 cm, with a straight hem at the back.  The design reflects Nordic design aesthetics, such as clean lines and functionality.

We also have several other coat models available for upcycling your pre-used fur coat, including some parkas and vests for men. Below are some examples of other models than traditional parkas, which have a fur lining from pre-used fur coats.   

Before we upcycle an old fur coat we test the fur skins to ensure the skins have not become dry.
Upcycling old mink coats

Fur material in general is long lasting and we have made fur parkas from mink coats that have been 30 years old and used by more than one generation.  Our customers have been able to use mink coats inherited from their mother or grandmother.

If the old mink coat is long and/or wide, there is generally enough material for a fur lining. The mink fur lining is only used in the body, while the sleeves have padding from down like non-woven material.   

If you are interested in ordering a parka made from your own mink coat, please contact us on gemmi@gemmi.fi