Nordic Luxury is something to be experienced. You find it in our four seasons, that make nature come to life, in the quiet, pristine white landscapes of Lapland in the Winter, in the explosion of different green colours in the forests in the Spring, the beauty of a Summer’s day in the land of the thousand lakes or the Autumn’s changing colours, when we start longing for the true Winters of our childhood. Fresh air, clean waters, accessible nature and the feeling of space – these are all things that we take for granted in the North. Liveable cities, happy, safe - this is how others see the Nordics. For us this is a way of life, and come to think of it, it is true luxury.  

Gemmi fur outerwear is the sartorial antidote to the harsh Winters of the North. Nordic Luxury is encapsulated in our fur outerwear made for everyday use that allow you to enjoy Winter and all it brings. A combination of pure, timeless design with luxurious materials results in outerwear with a contemporary look and feel. The versatility of our reversible fur coats makes them the perfect addition to any Winter wardrobe.   

Functionality is a key part of Nordic mentality, and a key aspect of our designs.  Functionality and fit is the result of an uncompromised attention to details. Functionality in design are things you did not realize you need until you have it. For us, it is things like an inside breast pocket in ladies’ coats, a drawstring in the right place or a hood fur trim that not only looks great, but gives you shelter from the wind.