We are Gemmi, a luxury outerwear brand from Finland. All our outerwear is made in our own factory in Finland by skilled, experienced craftswomen and our skilled tailor. The materials we use are natural and sustainable and chosen for their quality features and responsibly manufacturing.  


The brand was born out of the harshest of Winters in the North. Our brand's history dates back to the early 70’s when the factory was built in the small town of Loviisa, located in Southern Finland. The founders' vision of a contemporary fur brand was given new life in 2014, when we re-opened of our hometown’s fur factory. We had been impressed by a team so proud of their workmanship and committed to their customers. We were also intrigued by the brand, that from the early days created its own unique style of modern fur coats. We saw an opportunity to develop fur products that already were well-designed, high-quality, functional and responsibly made, into a contemporary fur outerwear brand with more clear influences from Nordic design traditions.   


Our family owned company continues a long tradition of garment and fur manufacturing in Finland. Our fur factory is one of the very few textile and fur factories in the Nordic countries, where the right attitude and appropriate clothing is needed to get through the long, dark Winters. But equally we normally need some kind of outerwear during all seasons. 

All our products are designed and handmade in Finland. We have found many timeless designs in out archives and have experimented with different materials to create new contemporary pieces for all four seasons. Our different collections uphold the traditions of Finnish design aesthetics, combined with functionality and high quality materials.


We are constantly looking for new natural and sustainable materials suitable for luxury outerwear.  Our newest find is Finnish tweed fabric produced by Saimaa Wool, using wool from Nordic sheep. This beautiful tweed fabric, in striking colors complement our timeless, classic designs. 

Our models are made for everyday use, and we mainly use windproof and water resistant fabrics to protect against weather and wind. Windbreaker fabrics are increasingly now made from recycled polyester or nylon and the quality of these more sustainable technical fabrics is improving.    

Gemmi is known for its light, reversible fur coats, jackets and vests, which on one side has the look of a functional coat made of technical fabric, but when reversed is a luxurious fox fur coat, jacket or vest. Our fur outerwear are made from fur skins sourced through Saga Furs auctions from Finnish certified and regulated farmers. This way we know the origin of the material we use. Surplus material is used to make fashion-forward fur accessories.


Fur material is long lasting, warm material. There are many fur coats hanging unused in wardrobes and this inspired us to create a new service by upcycling old fur coats to new parkas with fur lining. This has been a win-win for many customers who get to use the beautiful fur in a new form, and for us, as we can provide work to our skilled team.   


 Our flagship store in downtown Helsinki and our online store has the widest selection of Gemmi outerwear. Gemmi can also be found in some shop-in-shops in Northern Finland.  We export especially fur outerwear, that can be found in high-end department stores, fashion boutiques and fur stores in many countries.