True craftsmanship can be seen in our fur outerwear, that are both beautiful and expertly made by our skilled team. 

Over the past 50 years various techniques of making light unique fur pieces have been developed in our factory in Loviisa. These techniques have been perfected, passed on to others, and are still used today to make fur outerwear like none other.    

Combining luxurious fur skins with technical fabric was first introduced in Loviisa in the 80’s when there was a big trend among Finns of using windbreakers. This combination still works today and is the core of our fur outerwear collection.

Our furriers carefully select fur skins suitable for each product. We source fabrics from reputable manufacturers to make sure the quality of the fabrics gives the end-product the right look and feel. Gemmi's sustainable fur outerwear are born out of hours of skillful craftsmanship.