When we decided to become entrepreneurs, a driving force was to save the jobs in our hometown and preserve the expert craftmanship accumulated over many decades.  We believe that luxury fashion can be responsibly produced in the North.  Our decision to keep the production in Finland, a country with high standard of living and good working conditions, has earned us a high score in meeting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. 

One aspect of sustainability is using products that we buy longer. Fur garments have a natural longevity and can last many generations. We make fur outerwear for everyday use, with designs that stand the test of time and trends.  When a fur coat no longer has its use, it is naturally biodegradable – or the fur material can be reused and upcycled to something else. 

We care about both transparency and the carbon footprint we make.  We source fur skins from certified and regulated farmers in Finland and our skins are sent directly to Italy to be dressed and dyed. Our textiles are bought from reputable manufacturers in Italy, Japan and South-Korea. We make all Gemmi products from start to finish, except some knits, sourced in Finland and a small factory in Nepal.  In our aim for zero-waste production, we continuously develop new accessories, for which we can use the material left over from making fur outerwear.

Sustainability is not only about consuming less fashion, but also making less fashion products.  We offer retail customers that carry our brand flexible on-demand manufacturing, helping them better manage stock levels in their shops while also providing better customer service, as we can customize products for their end consumer. This is possible as we manage the design, pattern making and production process from start to finish for the Gemmi products.