When buying a reversible fox fur coat or vest, as well as a parka with fox fur lining, it is important to choose the correct size. Soft and long haired fox fur can wear out quicker, if under too much friction. Garments are available in size XXS-XXL, and up to 4XL for selected models.



  • Compare your own measurements to our size guide below.
  • Our sizes assume the garment is used with the fur on the inside. When only used with fur outside, a size smaller that normal may be adequate.
  • The length of the parka, coat and vest remain the same for all sizes.
  • The measurement of shoulder + arm is taken together, over a bent elbow to the point on your arm where you want the sleeve to end.

Our garments are mainly made to order and can be delivered within just a few weeks. By making fur products to order, we can customize products to ensure a great fit. If you want to request some alterations, or are unsure about which size to choose, please contact us to discuss options.

Our experienced team is also available for custom-made orders. Please contact us directly on with any questions, or for bespoke orders.