As the days draw shorter and the nights fall longer, We brace ourselves for the darkness to come. We know it well, us Finns. That bittersweet feeling as winter creeps in, and the cold first pierces the air.

Our world is a world of contrasts. Cold and harsh, yet beautiful and bright. A twilight zone where night blurs into day. It takes boldness and grit to bear, And a flair for seeing the light in the dark.

Like wrapping up in warm, beautiful fur to stand the cold grey outside. For us, it’s about embracing the winter and celebrating all that it brings.





We are a modern luxury fur fashion brand, born out of the Finnish town of Loviisa. Raised in the icy weather, our surroundings inspired us to re-think the ways of dressing in the north. Finding a way to ease the passage of winter and embrace the cold - rather than avoiding it. Through combining our natural resource of exquisite blue fox fur with the Finnish sense of aesthetics and practicality, the fur-parka was created. A garment that equally embodies function and beauty - reversible, it forms two coats in one.

Along with the fur-parka, Gemmi designs fashion-forward fur coats that combine patterns and colours for a contemporary feel.

All our coats are crafted with ultra-light fabrics, removing the heaviness found in traditional fur coats.

We are dedicated to creating coats of the highest quality, with the finest, certified Finnish fur. All our garments exist in a whole array of colours and fits - for men and women alike. Light as a feather, Gemmi coats are designed to inspire that uplifting inner-warmth you have when you feel confident and comfortable - when you feel ready to take on the world. Regardless of the occasion or the weather, it’s a garment like none other. It’s a modern-day fur classic, a key item to lighten any winter wardrobe.



Founded in the small Finnish town of Loviisa, the Gemmi luxury fur fashion company and factory remain a town institution to this very day. Having closed down in 2014, the fur factory was saved and re-opened by two Loviisa sisters determined not to see their town legacy go. The family owned company is proud to be continuing the town’s unique craftsmanship, and furthering a local and national tradition with fur. Producing the highest quality luxury fur fashion, Gemmi creates understated, modern sophistication.


Always looking to the emerging Finnish fashion talent, Gemmi collaborates with new designers to carry on pushing the boundaries of modern-day fur fashion.


Gemmi’s dedicated team is available to offer personalized designs or bespoke fur garments. A proud Finnish brand, Gemmi exports their fur coats all over the world.


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